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Referral Program

For each friend you refer to us that activates his account, we will give you balance for you to call your country.

With this Hola America feature you can refer your friends and family by entering their data (full name, email, phone number) and they will get an invitation.

How to add referrals to your account

With this function you can refer your friends, entering their information (name, phone, email) and clicking on the “Send Mail” button.

This record will give you the details of the persons you have referred, and which of them have already made you win bonus in your account.

If you prefer, you can also refer your friends by calling to our customer service, 1-888-240-4652, so one of our representatives will call them.

You can also resend an email, to remind your friends to activate an account and make you win balance to your account.

* Exclusive for current clients only.

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