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Mobile Recharges

Send mobile recharges to your people from $10 and they receive their balance in national currency with their cellular operator. With Hola América, your recharge is 100% reliable and at the right rate, with no hidden charges, which means being able to always be in communication regardless of the distance.

Send mobile recharges from USA to the main operators in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru with the best promotions and rates in the market.

Send mobile recharges from your Hola América account at the best price and without cumbersome waits. Also, take advantage of the best promotions in your loved one’s country when you recharge with us.

Recharge to Latin America from our website

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  1. If you are already a Hola América customer, log into your account from the blue “Mi cuenta” button at the top of your screen. If you are a new customer, activate your account by clicking on the green “Activa tu cuenta” button in the main menu bar and filling out the form with the information that will be requested.
  2. In your profile, select “RECARGA CELULAR”. Enter the name of the contact to whom you are going to recharge.
  3. Fill in the contact information (full name, phone number and email), select the amount you want to recharge and click on the “RECARGA AHORA” button. 4. Follow the instructions to make the payment.

Send Mobile Recharges from our App

If you are not yet a customer, first register in the welcome window, by clicking the button “Registra aquí!”

  1. Go directly to the menu of your Hola América App, choose the option to display the menu and select “Recargas y Pagos”. The application will ask you to confirm your username and password to proceed with the transaction.
  2. On the screen that appears next, select the option “Recarga Celular en tu País”.
  3. Fill out the form that appears to be able to send the balance to the beneficiary who will receive the recharge. You can add a new beneficiary or select an existing one.
  4. The application will ask you for the amount of your recharge and the CVV code of the credit card registered in your account. And that’s it!

Once the recharge is done, you will be able to share your experience using the Hola América App through your social networks.

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